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November 16, 2022


The Board of Education (Board) for Hollis Consolidated School District #328 (District) is soliciting Statements of Interest and Qualifications from qualified firms to provide comprehensive Architectural/Engineering Services to assist the school district in performing planning, design and construction administration with the updating or repurposing of our existing natatorium.

This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is not an invitation for Bid: responses will be evaluated on the basis of the relative merits of the qualifications submitted.  There will be no public opening and reading of the responses received by the school district pursuant to this request.

RFQ Submission

RFQ responses are due by January 6, 2023 at 2:00 PM, local time.

Please submit eight (8) bound copies and one (1) PDF digital copy via USB Drive to:

Mr. Chad Jones, Superintendent
Hollis Consolidated School District #328
5613 W. Tuscarora Road
Peoria, IL  616107

Submittals should be prepared as standard 8-1/2 x 11 letter size.

Telephone, facsimile or email responses are not acceptable.

Any responses to questions, or changes in this RFQ, shall be issued in writing as an addendum.  Respondents must acknowledge addenda received as part of their submission.

Any site visit requests shall be coordinated through Mr. Jones.

Oral and other interpretations or clarifications will be without legal effect.

If interviews are deemed to be necessary, key members of the respondent’s team must attend the interview.


The following is the proposed schedule (subject to change) for the selection of a firm to provide architectural services:

November 16, 2022    RFQ Released

December 12, 2022    Last day for respondents to request clarifications/send questions (by email only to Mr. Jones)

January 6, 2023          Submissions due, 2:00 PM, local time

January 2023              Successful short-listed and unsuccessful firms notified

January 2023              Interviews with short-listed firms (if needed)

February 2023            Board selection of firm

School District Background

Hollis Consolidated Grade School District #328 is a K-8 district located in Peoria County, Illinois.  Total enrollment is approximately 135 students.  The District is comprised of one school.

The school is approximately 44,300 square feet with 11 classrooms, a computer lab, library, auditorium, gymnasium, lunchroom, natatorium (currently closed) and administrative offices.

General Information, Notifications and Purpose

  • Any RFQ responses received after the submission time will not be considered by the Board.
  • Respondents are advised to review all sections of this RFQ carefully, and to follow the instructions completely, as failure to make a complete submission as described elsewhere herein may result in rejection of the submittal. Qualifications which depart from or materially alter the terms, requirements or scope of work defined by this RFQ may be rejected as nonresponsive.
  • Joint venture and/or cooperative professional teams will be considered.

General Terms and Conditions

  • All costs associated with developing and submitting a qualification statement in response to this RFQ, providing oral or written clarification of its content and/or follow-up interviews shall be borne by the respondent. The District assumes no responsibility for these costs.
  • This RFQ does not commit the District to enter into an agreement. The District reserves the right to reject any or all submittals, to accept a submittal in whole or in part and to waive any informalities and irregularities in the submittals received.  The District reserves the right to award one, more than one or no agreement in response to this RFQ.  The District also reserves the right to terminate this RFQ, reissue a subsequent solicitation and/or remedy technical errors in the RFQ process.
  • An agreement, if awarded, will be awarded to the respondent(s) whose submittal(s) is deemed most advantageous to the District.
  • The District reserves the right to contact any respondent for clarification, interviews or to negotiate if such is deemed desirable by the District.
  • The purpose of this RFQ is to identify an experienced firm with the best combination of qualifications.
  • All firms are prohibited from making any contact with District personnel (except for the superintendent), Board or any other administrator or employee of the District with regard to the RFQ. The District reserves the right to disqualify any firm found to be in violation of this requirement.

General Description of Scope of Services

  • The selected firm will become part of a project team consisting of members of the District and community stakeholders.
  • The selected firm may be requested to:
    • Attend meetings with District administrative staff as necessary.
    • Attend District Board meetings and/or other community meetings as necessary.
    • Consult with District on budgetary and funding matters.
    • Consult with District on project scheduling considerations.
  • The firm’s services and product provided shall conform to the Illinois State School Code and shall be in accordance with all federal, state and local laws, codes, ordinances and regulations.

Proposal Content

Statement of Interest

Provide a signed statement of qualifications with the name and address of the respondent, expressing interest and capability to perform the work.

Firm Description – Provide the following:
  • Firm name, address, web address, telephone and fax numbers
  • Contact person (provide direct phone number and e-mail address)
  • Number of years in business under current name
  • Type of organization
  • Disciplines offered in-house
  • Special areas of practice
  • Staffing information (number of architects, engineers, interior designers, etc.)
  • Compensation method (e.g. percentage of project value, hourly rates, lump sum) for the firm’s services. DO NOT include hourly rates or actual percentages.  This is a request for methodology, not prices.  Identify the types of expenses that are commonly billed to the Owner that are not included in the firm’s standard fee.
  • List any previous names of firm and years of business under each name.
  • In the case of a multiple office firm, provide general information on each office’s location, staffing, etc., but also provide detailed information on the office that will be serving the District (key personnel performing architectural, engineering, project management and other services with their relevant background, project experience, etc.). The office designated to serve the District must be the office that will perform not less than 50% of the work in the event that a project is awarded to the firm.
  • In the case of a single office firm, identify the key personnel who will be performing architectural, engineering, project management and other services for the District and provide relevant background and project experience information.
  • The short-listed firms may be requested to provide a copy of the firm’s financial statement.
  • Provide a copy of the firm’s certificate of insurance indicating the levels of professional liability and general liability insurance coverage carried by the firm. The financial strength rating of an insurer shall not be less than an A.M. Best “A-“ rating.  Minimum coverage to be as follows:
    • General Liability ($1,000,000/$2,000,000)
    • Automotive Liability ($1,000,000)
    • Professional Liability ($1,000,000/$2,000,000)
    • Umbrella ($2,000,000/$4,000,000)
    • Worker’s Compensation – statutory limits
  • List any litigation involving the firm (under current or previous names) or any owner/shareholder/partner of the firm as a party, pending or resolved, including arbitrations and mediations, within the last seven (7) years arising out of any work for any school district or other government entity. If any, provide a detailed explanation.
  • List if the firm (under current or previous names) has been terminated within the last seven (7) years from a project by a school district or other government entity and, if so, for what reason. If any, list the name and contact information for the school district or other government entity.
Firm Experience and Capabilities
  • Provide a list of all school district clients for which the firm has provided services in the last seven (7) years. Include project descriptions (whether the project involved maintenance, planning, new construction, additions or renovations), the type of architectural, engineering or other services provided, as well as the client contact information.
  • Highlight the firm’s experience in performing such work as health/life safety surveys, facilities master planning, renovation and maintenance of aging facilities, addition of security vestibules and other security features, project management and construction oversight.
  • Examples of work that demonstrate experience in K-8 environments are required.
  • If the submittal includes affiliated firms or multi-disciplinary departments (e.g. architectural, mechanical, electrical, civil or structural engineering), identify them and provide similar information for them as outlined below.
Firm Workload
  • Provide a general list of all projects for which the firm is currently under contract to complete.
  • Provide the percentage that educational projects made up the firm’s total project work load in the past twelve (12) months.
Key Personnel and Experience
  • Provide a simple organizational chart identifying key members of the firm, including consultants.
  • Provide resumes of project architects, engineers, designers, managers, key staff and consultants relevant to the requirements of this RFQ, including their work experience, education, affiliations and awards. Resumes should not include project pictures or general firm information.
  • If any staffing changes should occur between the submission of qualifications and firm selection by the Board, the firm must notify the District in writing. Unapproved staffing changes may result in a rejection of qualifications.
Project Approach – Provide a brief discussion of the following:
  • The methodology that the firm would use in developing a project from inception to District acceptance. This should include strategies for collaboration, communication and community building.  If the methodology utilizes any specialized software packages and computerized systems, provide an adequate description and summary of capabilities.
  • The firm’s ability/experience to work in the Peoria County region. In your response, describe how the firm plans to respond when the District has immediate needs that require on-site attention.
  • The process that the firm utilizes to investigate bidders to ensure that they are qualified and equipped to satisfactorily complete a project.
  • Discuss how the firm provides oversight and communication style during construction. Also, how does the firm communicate issues that arise during construction?
  • Discuss the firm’s position/approach on each of these common issues found in school construction: quality control, construction change orders, scheduling/meeting timelines (both in design and construction) and construction cost estimating/budgeting.
  • Provide a minimum of three (3) references for architectural/engineering services performed on educational facilities in Illinois in the last five (5) years, preferably involving school districts with facilities similar to those found in District 328.